Sunday, June 19, 2011

How to boost 3g signal mobile broadband

Have simple solutions to the most problematic tings in life and not promoting a performance of 3 G with best signal is frustrating difficult overall. The data rate is directly proportional to the power of the signal, so it can with a simple trick to improved signal speed in seconds.

You need a parabolic dish that surround - your USB 3 G, 3 G modem device or phone 3 G (including iPhone), when at home or outside. To make easier, a sieve of the kitchen and aluminum foil can work quite well on an important impulse signal.

Watch the Evidence/HowTo do it in the Video:

Several number of antennas that can help to boost your signal.

  • Clip Antenna:  This 3G Datacard antenna is great for improving signal. This antenna and connector assembly is all you need to make huge improvements in signal with your 3G UMTS datacard or dongle and it features a handy clip design to attach unobtrusively to your laptop screen. It's Omni directional which means it absorbs the signal from every direction.

  • High Gain 3G Directional Antenna: This is one of our most powerful signal boosters and is ideal for people who have problems with 3G reception or use their dongle in a fixed location. They are directional, which means that you will need to point this towards your networks transmitter in order for it to improve the signal. This is a case of rotating the antennas until you pick up a high signal. This antennas will make a significant difference to the signal you receive and can be wall mounted or a permanent fixture.

  • Mobile Broadband Outdoor Panel Antenna:This is also a more powerful signal booster than the clip antenna and is ideal for people who have real problems with 3G reception. They are also directional, which means that you will need to point this towards your networks transmitter in order for it to improve the signal.

  • Magnetic mount antenna: Boost your 3G signal on the move with a 5dBi booster magnetic antenna. Ideal for vehicles.

  • Bracket Mount Antenna: Mount this bracket antenna to a wall or a mast to get 3G signal from the outside of a building.

  • Marine Antenna: This antenna is designed specifically for marine use (& abuse), with an exremely tough housing and robust fittings this is ideal for getting online at sea.

Each of the antennas can make a big difference to the signal you receive. Some will have an ariel connection that will plug straight into the dongle, and others will use a Universal strap on connection called a 'modem mate'.


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