Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Desktop Computer - Basic Components of a Desktop Computer

desktop computer is a machine that is meant to be used in one place. All basic parts are considered hardver.Monitor desktops, computer case, keyboard, mouse and power supply are considered fundamental parts računala.Računalo case is plastic or metal box that contains the main components of a computer.

It comes in different shapes and sizes. It houses the motherboard, central processing unit, a power supply. The monitor is located outside the computer case and works with the video card to display text and images on the screen.

is the power connection between the jack and the power of the computer case. If the power cord is not included then the computer will not come on.

following the main part of the keyboard which is a piece of hardware that resembles a typewriter keyboard. This is one of the primary ways to enter data into the computer system.

mouse peripheral which is also known as a pointing device and helps one to spot objects on the screen, click on them and move on. There are two types of mouse is an optical and the other is mehanička.Mehanički rolling ball mouse uses motion detection and more difficult to clean. But it is less expensive and most desktop PCs come with a mechanical mouse only.

In addition, these parts are the hardware items that are inside the computer case and peripherals. These are additional pieces of hardware that allows a computer system more useful and allow one to accomplish more tasks.

within the desktop computer's central processing unit, which is often called the brain of your computer. Its task is to implement the command. Whenever you press a key or mouse click starts the application, sends an instruction to the CPU. The processor determines how fast your computer can run upute.Brzina processor is determined in megahertz or gigaherca.Veći Hertz will, the faster the computer will work and send the instructions.

CPU is usually a two-inch square ceramic silicon chip inside. This chip is usually about the size of a thumbnail. The second part of the RAM that the system is short memorije.Podaci temporarily stored here until one saves their work to the hard disk.

computer work done in RAM. This is where programs run when you use the word to create a letter or Excel for preparation of the budget tablice.RAM also measured in megabytes or gigabytes. The second inner part of the motherboard is the computer's main circuit board that holds the CPU, memory, connectors for hard drives and optical drives, as well as various external ports and peripherals.

In addition to the other internal parts of the network card, power supply, hard disk drive and expansion card, video card and sound card.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cell Phone Signal Boosters Vs Femtocells - Which One Is Right For You?

All missed calls because the phone is outside the service and it rang only once before going to voicemail? Constantly having to go to the window or outside to make a call? Tired of playing "Can you hear me now?" game? With more and more people prefer to do away with your landline, call quality and reliable carrier services has never been more important. So what can you do to improve your reception and drop calls to stop?

option is the most popular cell phone signal amplifier and Femtocells. Without going into too much detail, the rest of this article should have enough information to decide which one is right for you.

Let's start by defining the two technologies. Most wireless cell phone signal amplifier (also known as amplifiers and repeaters) work out of capturing the signal, amplified it, and then redistributing the inside. This is done through 3 main parts:. external antenna (or direction or omni-directional), amplifier, and the inside of the antenna (or the directional or omni-directional) outside the signal may be weak or strong, but must be present in order to increase pressure to work properly. Generally, the weaker the signal out over the amplifier gain should be provided in order to provide coverage inside. Femtocells are basically a miniature cell phone tower on the size of a wireless router that provides your wireless carrier and are installed in your home to provide coverage to 40 'radius. They are basically a Wi-Fi router for mobile and PC computer. information is transmitted wirelessly from the phone Femtocell, and then the Femtocell carrier via a broadband Internet connection.

is now down for the purpose of this article. The easiest way to decide which product is right for you is to look at the comparison below.



    fan dual-band model of working with almost all carriers except Nextel and others to identify the push-to-talk network, although there are amplifiers designed specifically for Nextel [. [/ Li> Femtocell: works only with one specific provider Ex .. Are you a subscriber to Verizon Wireless. Provided that there is little coverage of all carriers in the current location, install the Extender Verizon network will help, but do not plan on AT & T friends raving about the excellent coverage when they stop by to watch the game.


    fan:. dual-band model to work with data plans for all carriers using 850/1900 MHz for your information It is most carriers, but does not include T-Mobile 3G Femtocell: Supported data rates depend on the carrier. Some femtocells are not supported by the data at all. Ex. Verizon Network Extender only supports CDMA 1X, EVDO, or 3G does not. Generation 1 of Sprint Airwave only supports CDMA 1X, EVDO, or 3G does not. AT & T microcell supports 3G data, but it only works with 3G phones.


    fan:. Most dual-band wireless models support more than a few users so everyone can talk and surf at the same time Femtocell: depends on the carrier is Sprint Airwave allows up to 3 simultaneous users .. Verizon Network Extender supports up to 3 simultaneous users. AT & T microcell supports up to 4 simultaneous users.


    fan N / A Femtocell:. Prepare to be assigned anywhere from 40Kbps to 300Kbps upload and download your bandwidth, depending on the number of active calls / data sessions


      ... Femtocell: anywhere in the range from free (with subscription for unlimited calling), the $ 99 to $ 5/mo fee for a $ 250 one time fee.


        ... Femtocell: physically easier to install - requires only a simple Ethernet connection to an existing router. However, most require a GPS lock in order to activate and confirm the place, so it is advised to install the window. However, it is also advised that they be placed in a central location for the best coverage. Raise your hand if you have Windows located in the center of your home?

      during boot up

        fan N / A - one amplifier is turned on you can make and receive calls . Femtocell: Some femtocells require up to 60 minutes to set up and stabilize for the first time after the cycle can take 10-15 minutes to stabilize ..

      Call Hand-off

        fan N / A - cell phone signal booster is expanding outside of the tower so that they are basically already connected to the Internet when making and receiving calls. No hand-off to take place. If you are connected to the tower as you drive your street, you'll be connected to the same tower once in your home (only with a stronger signal) Femtocell: A complete transfer a call to the tower as you leave the area Femtocell coverage, but you're going to have to hang up and redial if you enter the coverage area.

      In summary, if you live in an area with absolutely no cell coverage, the only branch with people who are using the same carrier as you do not mind giving some of your already paying for broadband data transfer, will never have a need for 3 or more people to get on the phone at the same time and do not mind saying, "i'll have to call you, I'm at home now," then Femtocell may be just the solution for you. However, if you want to provide a great station and the data for just about anyone who enters your home (regardless of carrier), but the value of your precious bandwidth, and do not mind rolling up your sleeves for a few hours to do the install, then installed Mobile signal booster May be the right solution for you.